No domestic violence against children

No domestic violence against children

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A humanitarian initiative of the activists in the Belgian International Organization for Human Rights and Development: Mr. Haider Lafta and Mr. Ali Samir.

A Report on the Iraqi child: Amir Qusay Hadi Sanaf.

 He is a little kid aged seven years, and he’s in the first grade at the primary school. His behavior is unstable, he’s so active but remarkably intelligent. One day, his teacher said: “because you’ve answered the questions properly and successfully, I am going to draw you a flower”. He begged his teacher to draw him a child next to his mum instead. In fact, the little Qusay is deprived of motherhood, and he eventually lives with his grandparents who care for him wholeheartedly since he is their sole grandson.

 Amir lost his mother: Forraqan Hamel Sanaf because of domestic violence. Indeed, one day and on his return back home after a whole day work, Qusay’ father, who extremely nervous and bad tempered, started a quarrel with Qusay’s mother who is only 19years old. Unfortunately, the dispute led to physical violence and the medical report pointed out a severe break in the mother’s neck which caused her immediate death. Amir Qusay was then only two years old, and because of ignorance, the story of his mother’s killing was repeatedly recited in the presence of the Child; Amir Qusay. Consequently, the story haunted his imagination, and he kept thinking eagerly of his mother. The story of murder provoked in the child feelings of grief and sorrow. His mother’s memory was omni-present. In fact, even when our organization visited his grandfather, the latter was willing to tell the story again in the presence of the kid unless we requested the opposite so as not to cause Qusay psychological stress. It was thanks to his teacher, who was highly interested in Amir Qusay’s case, that both the child’s behavior and his schooling level have noticeably improved. Thus, in order to honor her humanitarian action, our organization has expressed its thanks and appreciation to Qusay’s teacher.

One month after the murder, the father; Qusai Hadi Sanaf  was arrested because he was a fugitive from justice, and the trial was life imprisonment. Given these immediate circumstances in Amir Qusai Hadi’s life due to  violence and deprivation, our organization BAMRO offered  him special  interest and some valuable gifts. Meanwhile, we advised the family not to mention what Qusay’s parents had gone through, and we gave them some advice on the appropriate violence-free ways to bring up the child.