Souja Ahmed SALIM

Souja Ahmed SALIM

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In the date of 02/01/2017 our association met Mrs. Souja Ahmed SALIM, one of the victims of Daech.

Souja Ahmed tried to escape from the province of Makhmour when members of the Islamic State Daech group launched explosives after which she was wounded everywhere and especially in the face.

Saja tells us that during their detention by Daech, the victims suffered from enormous psychological and physical pressure. We do our best to present our psychological help and support to Ms. Souja after all the pressure she has suffered from.

The victim reports that several women are under Daech's control, raped and ill-treated.

We call on all the organizations and the authorities concerned to present the aid to Mrs Souja, who needs several surgical interventions in order to be able to reintegrate into society.

P.J: Exclusive photos of the victim