Bamro Allies

Bamro Allies

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Bamro Allies

 Balance Association

 Organization of Ur for the culture of women and children

 Humanitarian Organization  of Hira

 Generation Organization for Human Development

 Organization of Green  Spring

 The team of  Good Youth

 Organization (PARWAR) to the ethnic culture and  Education

 Observer human rights organization

 Organization Ke Sikh Sour

 Communication and Brotherhood  humanitarian Organization

 Monitoring human rights association

 Organization of lighthouse for relief and human development

 My dignity Without Chains association

 Green Oasis Organization

 Union  of Technical  Engineering  Professions  South Electricity sector

 Alola Center for Training and Development

 Southern Youth Organization

 Protection and Development of the Iraqi Family Association

 Women's Rights Center for Relief and Development

 Alaahd Organization

 Independent Civilian  Organization

 Youth Council Wajda (Morocco)